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All Golkar chair candidates mediocre: Survey

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THEJAKARTPOST.COM – A survey from Poltracking Institute revealed on Thursday that all the Golkar Party chairman candidates did not have enough capacity as good leaders for the party.
The survey, which was conducted on Nov. 3-11, showed that the eight candidates only scored between four to six points out of 10 points, in 10 aspects which were set as parameters.
The 10 aspects included integrity and track records, competency and capability, visions, elite communication, public communication, public acceptability, experience and achievement as a leader, the ability to lead the party organization, ability to lead coalition and ability to lead the government.
“In every aspect, their scores are not showing something exciting; the scores are mediocre when we compare them to chairmanship candidates of other parties. Golkar will succumb by 2019,” said Poltracking researcher Agung Baskoro in Jakarta on Thursday, as quoted by
In the survey, Priyo Budi Santoso got an average score of 6.51 points, Hajriyanto Y. Tohari 6.31 points, Agung Laksono 6.03 points, MS Hidayat 5.99 points, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita 5.8 points, Airlangga Hartarto 5.73 points, Aburizal Bakrie 5.61 points and Zainuddin Amali 4.98 points.
Priyo and Hajriyanto are the top two candidates in all of the aspects, while Aburizal is always at the bottom two.
The survey involves 173 experts, who have qualifications in the fields of sociology, politics and humanities, as its respondents. They are academics who hold at least a master’s degree and senior researchers in research institutes.

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